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what are chickens scared of

What are Chickens Scared of? (7 things you should know)

Chickens normally aren’t the most cowardly of creatures, as they basically are curious enough to try to explore things and brave enough to know how to protect themselves and keep predators away from their eggs. However, like any other animal,…
Are Hens Happier with a Rooster?

Are Hens Happier with a Rooster? (Pros and Cons)

Do you need to have a rooster to have happier hens? While they can still live peaceful chicken lives with a man strutting about, many raisers of these egg laying ladies feel that having a rooster around causes more problems…

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do chickens need a coop

Can Chickens Survive Without a Coop?

Raising chickens can be a very rewarding pursuit. But buying and installing a coop can be a significant expense. So, will your chickens be able…