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do baby chickens need a heat lamp

How Often Should You Clean A Chicken Brooder?

A brooder is the first place chicks call home after they hatch from the eggs. As chicks are sensitive and have a weak immune system, cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of a chicken brooder is a top priority for the owners, and they should be well aware of how to do so. When the chicks…

how long do chickens have to stay in the incubator after hatching

How Long Can Chicks Stay In The Incubator? (After hatching)

It’s a very exciting experience to witness chicks hatch, especially if you’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 21 days. However, you must also be fully prepared for what to do after your baby chicks begin to hatch. In general, chicks can stay in the incubator for 12 to 24 hours after hatching,…

can baby chickens go in the water

Why Is My Baby Chick Losing Feathers? (11 reasons)

Even though baby chicks are among the cutest creatures you will ever encounter, they are also one of the most sensitive. They are vulnerable to a variety of different health conditions one of which is feather loss. Overall, baby chicks lose their feathers because of imbalanced nutrition, illnesses, and poor management, but there may be…

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where to put the egg incubator

What Should The Level Of Humidity Be For Incubating Eggs?

Hatching eggs in an incubator is not as simple as it appears because it is dependent on several factors, one of which is humidity, as it has a significant impact on how well eggs hatch in incubators. Overall, the humidity in the incubators is dependent on the stage of the eggs. Initially, the humidity in…

How Many Eggs Does A Rooster Fertilize At Once?

How Many Eggs Does A Rooster Fertilize At Once?

Many homesteaders have several chickens but whether or not there’s a rooster running around depends on the desire to have fertile eggs. You may be wondering if having a single fellow is going to be enough for the number of ladies that are available to him. The big question then is, how many eggs can…

best time to breed chickens

When Is The Best Time To Breed Chickens? +Tips for each season

The adventure of breeding and hatching chickens is super exciting! Especially for homesteaders that are looking for ways to expand their flock or make little extra money selling fertile eggs or very young chicks. But when is the best time to even breed chickens and incubate their eggs?  Spring is the best time to breed,…

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where to put the egg incubator

Where To Place A Chicken Egg Incubator?

The process of incubating chicken eggs can be a really exciting one for everyone involved, but there are a few important steps to tackle first. Before you even acquire your fertile eggs, you should have the incubator set up and ready to go. But that leads to the question of, where should you even put…

What happens if you don't turn eggs in incubator?

How Much Water Do You Put In An Incubator?

If you’ve ever raised eggs in an incubator, you know that there is a long list of dos and don’ts for successful hatches. Many professionals still debate about what incubation method is really the best, so if you’re new to this process and are wondering how much water you should put in your incubator, you’ve…

dry incubation method for chicken eggs

What Is The Dry Incubation Method For Chickens?

Raising a flock of chickens can be a lot of work, and the same goes for incubating and hatching eggs. If you aren’t having your hens sit on the eggs and turn them regularly, there are two other ways for incubating; the dry and traditional methods. The dry technique has become more popular as improper…

Advice on Successful Chicken Incubation

What happens if you don't turn eggs in incubator?

Can The Incubator Be Opened During Hatching? (+Many tips)

The incubation process is truly a delicate one and requires quite a bit of attention. While chicks are trying to hatch, it is key that the humidity and environment are where they should be, otherwise, disaster could strike and your chicks could fail to emerge from their shells. Which no one wants that!  During the…

when do baby chickens leave their mother hen

When Does A Baby Chicken Leave Its Mother?

Watching a mother hen with her little chicks running around at her feet can be an adorable sight! The fluffy down-covered babies love to follow around their mom, scratching and pecking at the ground in imitation of her. As the chicks grow up, the question becomes, when is it safe to take them away from…

do baby chickens need a heat lamp

Do Baby Chickens Need A Heat Lamp?

Baby chickens are such fragile creatures that need lots of attention and warmth during the first month of life. Their little bodies are susceptible to becoming too cold in a hurry and are at a high risk of hypothermia when they are less than 4 weeks old. Chilly temperatures can cause many issues including death…

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