As a chicken owner, there are several essential products you should have to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of your flock. Here are some of the must-have I recommend.

Feeders & waterers

Chicken feeder

A simple feeder that does its job perfectly. 12 to 20 pounds of feeding, protected from rain, birds and rodents.
Automatic delivery of feed with gravity, reducing the waste and keeping the food fresh and dry for your flock.

You save time and money by using that kind of product, and you keep your hens happy :-).

Chicken waterer

You don’t really need anything fancy for the water, but using that type of waterer keeps 2 gallons of fresh water for your flock. This way, they can’t spill the water or make it muddy.

Cups will automatically stay half-full, no more worrying about feeding water, even during your holidays.

Bedding and nesting boxes

Better than straw (bedding)

You can obviously use basic straw if you have access to it, but better options are now available. These fresh flakes pick up odor and absorb more than usual straw.

It’s created especially for chickens, to keep them safe and breathe better. And owners love it because you can clean your coop less often with it ;-).

A simple & convenient nesting box

If, like me, you’re not a handyman, keep things simple. You don’t need an overpriced metal case that will (supposedly) put the eggs in the box automatically.

Find a simple wooden box like this one, that you just put in the coop, and it’s done. Chickens like it, and it’s easy to remove/wash if needed.

This model exists in single, double or triple boxes depending on the size of the flock (my hens always go in the same box…).

Chickens coop

A simple heat lamp

There are plenty of options to provide heat in your chicken’s coop, but I find that the safest and most reliable method is often the simplest.

This bulb can be plugged into a standard lamp and will provide the heat your chickens need when it’s cold outside.

Worry no more: automatic door for your coop

If you’ve got chickens, I recommend this automatic chicken door opener. Imagine no more early morning or late-night trips to the coop when it’s raining!

You will no longer have to worry about opening and closing the door; it takes care of everything for you (there is even an app for your phone).

It’s easy to install (no electricity needed), robust and safe for your chickens.