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Why Would You Put A Diaper On A Chicken?

Chickens wearing diapers has only become a recent thing, since people raising them indoors is a relatively new concept. Lots of people have taken to having ‘house hens’, and cleaning up their mess constantly is not something anyone has time for. That’s when chicken diapers come in to save the day, making keeping your hen inside as a pet much easier and much more sanitary. 

A chicken diaper is either a reusable or disposable material that is placed on the rear end of a chicken in order to catch its fecal material.

Chicken diapers are a helpful tool when raising a hen indoors. Since they are much harder to house train than a dog, these diapers make it possible for you and other chicken enthusiasts to keep them in your home or apartment. This article will go into how to use a diaper with your chicken and which types are recommended. 

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What Is A Chicken Diaper For? 

A chicken diaper is exactly what it sounds like: a diaper for a chicken. It collects their fecal matter in a paper towel or liner that is thrown away once soiled and the outer part is washed and reused. 

These are easily accessible on the internet in different shapes and sizes with a multitude of cute colors and patterns (my advices at the end of this article). 

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Why Would You Put A Diaper On A Chicken?

A chicken diaper gives your feathered friend the freedom to roam around the house, and you the freedom to do what you want without constantly needing to follow them with a mop or paper towels. 

If you have ever raised chickens or dealt with them at all, then you know that they are pooping machines. Since people are starting to raise chickens as pets indoors, the need for chicken diapers has increased significantly. 

How Do You Use A Chicken Diaper? 

When first looking at a chicken diaper it seems like it would be a complicated process. Most diapers are fashioned like a pair of overalls or coveralls.

The diaper is put on the rear end of the chicken where a flap goes between the legs and over the chest. From there two straps are pulled up and over the wings like suspenders where they clasp over their back onto the diaper end. 

Should Chickens Wear Diapers? 

Chickens definitely can wear them after a while of getting used to the contraption. And they should wear one if you are going to keep it in your house.

I suppose wearing a diaper isn’t natural for chickens, but it isn’t necessarily natural for any species to wear diapers. 

How Often Should You Change The Chicken’s Diaper? 

Switching out the liner or paper towel every 3 or 4 hours is best to prevent issues with their skin and feathers. This will also help keep the smell to a minimum. It is good practice to treat the chicken like a human when it comes to changing their diaper. 

Be sure to monitor your chicken for any redness and irritation around the vent. If the feathers become too messy, make sure to clean them off with a mild bath. If they develop any skin irritation a veterinarian-approved ointment, like Bag Balm, can be applied. 

How Long Can Chickens Wear Diapers? 

It is not a good idea for a chicken to wear a diaper for 24 hours. Giving them a break from wearing it over their wings and allowing their vent time to breathe is important. Usually removing the diaper at night and whenever you are not there to supervise them is enough time without it. 

Removing the diaper regularly is also important for preening and routine self-grooming that the chicken needs to do. 

Can A Chicken Be Left Alone With A Diaper On? 

The answer is NO. It is not safe to leave your chicken unattended with a diaper on. Because they have straps or a harness that goes up and over their wings, it is possible that they could injure themselves if the diaper were to get caught on something. 

Can Chicks Wear Diapers? 

Chicks can certainly wear diapers as long as they have grown in their stiffer tail feathers. Usually, these come in around 4 weeks of age. 

Bringing In The Sick Chicken – Diapers Aren’t Just For House Hens

Sometimes it’s necessary to bring in an injured or sick hen from the coop. Having a diaper for her to wear is a nice aid to her healing process, allowing her to stretch and not always be confined to some type of cage. 

What Diaper Should I Get For My Chicken? 

There are a lot of choices out there for chicken diapers now that house hens are much more popular. You should choose what brand you want to use based on the breed of chicken the diaper is for what style you think you would prefer. 

I have a few recommendations based on price, durability and size options. 

Louise’s Country Closet Diapers

Louise’s Country Closet brand is easily affordable and offers several different sizes and styles for different common breeds of house hens. With plenty of adjustability, colors, patterns and a waterproof liner, this brand has gained a large internet market. 

Pranovo Poultry Nappy

The Pranovo Poultry Nappy also has several different sizes, including those for larger chickens and geese, as well as some interestingly worded instructions. Many buyers appreciate the different colors and sizes but mention that there is more need for adjustments. Pranovo is also slightly cheaper than Louise’s Country Closet Diapers. 

Pet Poultry Diapers from Jadpes

The Pet Poultry Diapers from the brand Jadpes is not as well known as the first two but it is certainly the least expensive. It comes in two sizes, medium and large. The large would fit a bigger breed of chicken but the medium would be the better choice for the standard-sized hen. This brand also offers a reusable and waterproof design with plenty of adjustabilities. 

Bringing The Outdoor Chicken Indoors

Diapers are an excellent way to enjoy time with your chicken in the comfort of your home while also not worrying about them pooping on your furniture and floors. Just be mindful to change them often and keep an eye on your feathered friend (and their rear) while they roam around the house or hang out on the couch. 

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