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Is Chicken Poop Good for Grass? (+secret tips to use it)

To create a green lawn, you’ll need to offer the right amount of nutrients. Because of this, many people opt to add chicken poop to their lawns. But is this a good idea?

Chicken manure offers a concentrated dose of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. These are essential for supporting the health of the grass. To get the most benefits you will need to apply it twice a year, once in Spring and once in August.

If you want to add chicken dropping to your lawn, there are a few things that you should know. Keep reading to learn how you can unlock the maximum benefits.

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Is Chicken Poop Good for Grass?

Like many lawn fertilizers, there are some pros and cons to consider before deciding whether chicken manure is right for you.

Chicken manure will provide a lot of nutrients and isn’t likely to spread disease. Plus, it is organic. On the downside, it can be smelly and the high nitrogen levels have the potential to damage the grass when it isn’t applied properly. The benefits, though, will outweigh the negatives.

Benefits of Adding Chicken Poop to Your Lawn

One of the biggest positives is that chicken manure is an organic material.  As a result, you won’t need to worry about the negative implications of using potentially harmful chemicals. This is especially important if you have children or pets, as you know that they will be kept safe.

Another benefit is that it has a lot of powerful nutrients. It is high in nitrogen and phosphorous. This will help support strong grass growth.

Additionally, this type of manure is less likely to spread disease and weeds. It has a low seed content. Because of this, you will need to spend less time maintaining your garden.

Drawbacks of Adding Chicken Manure to Your Grass

However, there are a few potential negatives to consider. First, there is the risk that it will damage the grass. The high nitrogen content can damage and kill the grass. To prevent this, you’ll need to prepare it correctly. We’ll discuss how to do this in the next section.

Another potential problem is that chicken manure can be very smelly. Again, though, how unpleasant it will come down to the way that it has been prepared.

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How Do I Fertilize My Lawn with Chicken Poop?

There are two methods you can use to fertilize your lawn. First, you can sprinkle chicken poop around the yard and water it in. Secondly, you can create a diluted mixture that you spray over the lawn.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of some of the benefits that can come with adding some chicken manure to your garden. But how should you go about doing this?  These are some of the steps that you should be following:

  1. Rake the area. This will allow you to dislodge any thatching in the lawn. This can make it harder for the soil to absorb the nutrients.  If you have recently applied seeds, you can skip this step.
  2. Sprinkle manure onto the lawn. Using lawns, you’ll need to sprinkle the chicken poop over your lawn. Make sure that you are spreading it around evenly.
  3. Water the manure in. After you’ve put the manure on the lawn, it’s time to add some water. This will help break down the poop, so the grass can more easily absorb it. Plus, you will be able to make sure that the high nitrogen content in the poop doesn’t damage the grass.

There is another option that you can explore. You can soak the poop in the water, to dilute it. Then you can throw away the manure and use the water on your lawn. It will still produce the same benefits, just without the unpleasant smell.

Before you start this process, you should have left it to compost for nine months. This will get rid of any pathogens. It’ll also reduce the smell the manure produces. Here are the steps to follow if you want to give this a go:

  1. Add manure to a hessian sack. This will be porous enough to allow the water in while stopping the poo from getting out.
  2. Add a rock to the bag. This ensures that it will sink to the bottom of the bin. The water should completely cover the bag.
  3. Add the water to a large bin. While you can make smaller batches using a similar principle, it might be easier to make one big brew. This way, you will only need to go through this process once or twice a year.
  4. Leave it for a few weeks to dilute. Every few days you might want to remove the hessian bag and stir the mixture.
  5. Use a garden sprayer to apply the mixture. Once you have finished making the brew, it’s time to apply it to the lawn. This is easy, all you need to do is water the lawn.

A third option is to apply the manure to the compost heap. It will get broken down into nutrient-rich soil. However, this process will take a long time to work, often occurring across several months.

How Much Chicken Manure Should I Put on My Lawn?

Remember, chicken manure has a concentrated blend of nutrients. Because of this, you won’t need to apply a lot to your lawn. The amount you will need will depend on the type of method you are using.

If you are planning on scattering chicken manure on your lawn, you’ll need to apply about 0.4 pounds per square foot. You will only need to have a thin layer. If you want to dilute it, you’ll need one part of manure for every four parts of water.

When Should I Put Chicken Manure on My Lawn?

When you choose to apply the chicken manure will have a big effect on how effective it is. It’s often best to apply it in the morning. This will ensure that the moisture has plenty of time to absorb. If you are watering the grass late at night there is a chance that it can create mold.

It’s also a good idea to avoid applying chicken manure to your lawn during the spring months. This might encourage the development of weeds.

How Often Should I Apply Chicken Poop to the Lawn?

Usually, you will need to apply this type of manure twice a year. First, you’ll need to put the chicken manure on the lawn during the summer months. This will help it recover from the winter, encouraging strong summer growth. 

You’ll also need to apply the fertilizer during autumn.  This will ensure that it will be able to withstand the change to the colder weather.

Do Chicken Manure Pellets Attract Rats?

Chicken manure might attract rats to your yard. Because of this, it’s important to take a few precautions. This can be things like positioning the compost heap and making sure that you are watering the manure into the lawn properly. As long as you take these precautions, you shouldn’t have any problems.

While chicken manure is a powerful source of nutrition for your garden, no one wants to attract rodents to their garden. As with all types of manure, there is a risk that they will come to the chicken manure. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can make sure that this doesn’t happen. These include:

  • Water them in. This will disperse the scent.
  • Turn the compost. Rats will be attracted to a compost heap if they think that it presents a warm home. Turning it regularly will lower the temperature. Also, make sure to choose a strong plastic container that the rats can’t get into.
  • Put chicken manure in the middle of the compost pile. Then, you can put things like newspaper around it and cover it over. This will make it harder for rats to access it.
  • Be selective about compost heap placement. You want to avoid putting it close to food sources. Put it in the shade, to stop it from getting too hot. If possible, try to keep it away from the house.

Final Thoughts

Chicken manure can be a very powerful tool in your garden. It can offer nutrients that will help your grasses grow. With two simple ways of applying it to your lawn, it will be easy for you to reap the benefits that this fertilizer can provide.

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