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differences between chickens and ducks

7 Differences Between Chickens And Ducks

Raising chickens and ducks can be rewarding as both species can contribute to your flock and homestead fairly well. If you’ve been an avid chicken farmer for a while and are interested in introducing some ducks into your flock, you…
how do chickens show affection

Do Chickens Love Their Owners?

Chickens always seem to get a bad rap for being stupid or not capable of much emotion, but the truth is they are actually a complex species that can show love and affection to their owners and family. So, many…
differences between chicken coop and chicken run

Why Is My Chicken Not Coming Out Of The Coop? (6 reasons)

The safety and shelter of the chicken coop can be appealing to our feathered friends, especially if there is something going on physically or psychologically with them. There can even be moments where backyard chicken raisers may be wondering how…
What happens if you don't turn eggs in incubator?

How Much Water Do You Put In An Incubator?

If you’ve ever raised eggs in an incubator, you know that there is a long list of dos and don’ts for successful hatches. Many professionals still debate about what incubation method is really the best, so if you’re new to…
dry incubation method for chicken eggs

What Is The Dry Incubation Method For Chickens?

Raising a flock of chickens can be a lot of work, and the same goes for incubating and hatching eggs. If you aren’t having your hens sit on the eggs and turn them regularly, there are two other ways for…

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do chickens need a coop

Can Chickens Survive Without a Coop?

Raising chickens can be a very rewarding pursuit. But buying and installing a coop can be a significant expense. So, will your chickens be able…