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copperhead snake kill chicken

Can A Copperhead Snake Kill A Chicken?

Protecting your homestead from predators is always important, but sometimes it can be tricky seeing more elusive creatures such as snakes when they’re creeping around your property. Many areas have venomous snakes, like copperheads, that can be found creeping around…
where to put the egg incubator

Where To Place A Chicken Egg Incubator?

The process of incubating chicken eggs can be a really exciting one for everyone involved, but there are a few important steps to tackle first. Before you even acquire your fertile eggs, you should have the incubator set up and…
how many eggs in a week

Why Do Chickens Lay Eggs Every Day? 

Questions regarding chickens and eggs are one of the things most people are curious about when it comes to this fun and feathery species of fowl. Something I had always wondered was why and how chickens lay an egg almost…

7 Differences Between Chickens And Turkeys 

Raising chickens adds a sustainable resource of eggs, meat and fertilizer for you and your family, but what about trying out a different variety of poultry like turkey? Whether you’re just wanting to add a few turkeys to your farm…
are chickens and dinosaurs related

Are Chickens Dinosaurs? (What science says about this idea)

Chickens don’t tend to be the first thing that people envision in their minds when they hear about our prehistoric friends, the dinosaurs. But science has recently indicated that these two could be more closely related than anyone would have…

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do chickens need a coop

Can Chickens Survive Without a Coop?

Raising chickens can be a very rewarding pursuit. But buying and installing a coop can be a significant expense. So, will your chickens be able…