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Why Do Chickens Have Wings? (7 reasons you don’t know)

Chickens are classified as a bird species because they have wings and feathers, but despite having large wings and a feathered body, they are not very good flyers. In general, chickens cannot fly for long distances, but their wings assist…
can i leave the chicken coop door open overnight

Do Chickens Lay Eggs At Night?

Do you know that the dark period greatly influences the behavior, health, and egg laying in chickens? Many chicken owners and farmers don’t know exactly when chickens lay their eggs because it is a very private moment for chickens. Chickens…
will chickens ruin my grass

Will Chickens Ruin Your Grass? (Do this to stop them)

Chickens are quirky eaters and will try to eat anything that can fit in their beaks. They also have the habit to dig and scratch the ground when looking for food, this habit is particularly not good for plants and…
How Many Eggs Does A Rooster Fertilize At Once?

How Many Eggs Does A Rooster Fertilize At Once?

Many homesteaders have several chickens but whether or not there’s a rooster running around depends on the desire to have fertile eggs. You may be wondering if having a single fellow is going to be enough for the number of…
copperhead snake kill chicken

Can A Copperhead Snake Kill A Chicken?

Protecting your homestead from predators is always important, but sometimes it can be tricky seeing more elusive creatures such as snakes when they’re creeping around your property. Many areas have venomous snakes, like copperheads, that can be found creeping around…

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do chickens need a coop

Can Chickens Survive Without a Coop?

Raising chickens can be a very rewarding pursuit. But buying and installing a coop can be a significant expense. So, will your chickens be able…